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Saturday Evening Post

This postcard is a copy of the July 5, 1951 cover of The Saturday Evening Post.  The original scene was painted by Stevan Dohnaos in early spring of 1951.  The following text was included in the print edition of the magazine describing Dohanos reactions while painting.

“The “D” on that base drum suggests that this is the Stevan Dohanos Brass Band, but the artist says no, it is two thirds of the Delaware Academy and Central School Band, of Delhi, New York.  As the musicians wouldn’t all fit into the bandstand, Dohanos dedicates his painting to those who were sad about not making the Post.  When Dohanos set up his easel opposite Town Hall, passers-by forgathered to see why, and the first thing they knew, they were on the canvas.  Making it an all-American Independence Day theme, Dohanos also inserted folks from other towns.  If bringing so many strangers together causes any confusion, Dohanos says that the Sheriff’s office is behind the house at the right, and lost children should be taken there.”

The Village Square in Delhi where the scene was painted remains to this day as an icon of small town America.  Throughout the non-winter months, you will find local citizens and visitors to Delhi enjoying the small town ambiance provided by The Square.

During July of each year a local citizens group sponsors a “Fair on the Square” each Friday evening.  Local fraternal organizations tents spring to life Friday afternoon selling a wide variety of picnic goodies.  Local crafts folks display and sell their wares along the sidewalks traversing The Square.  Other civic and community organizations attend soliciting community support for their cause.  Around dusk the Bandstand lights up and local performers take the stage.  Venues ranging from country classics to Irish ballads can be heard well into the night.

The tradition continues into late fall when local organizations sponsor events on The Square.  The venues range from weekend long arts and crafts festivals displaying the wares of local crafts folks to events marketing the local Delhi Main Street businesses.  The local churches band together to put on a “Share on the Square” event encouraging the local churches to join hands in support of their missions.  In late fall the community bands together to present a community-wide “Harvest Fest” during which local vendors flood The Square and surrounding side streets with tents displaying their items for sale.

The Square remains active well into the winter months.  Lighted displays of snowflakes magically appear on The Square reminding visitors and citizens of the winter recreation available in the local area.  A Christmas tree is placed on the bandstand on which relatives can hang memory cards of loved ones who have passed on.  Nearer Christmas time a local church dons Victorian garb and presents an old fashioned Victorian hymn sing.  A local organization that is sponsoring the construction of a community pool takes another Saturday evening to offer local citizens in an old-fashioned horse drawn wagon ride through the Village.  After the wagon ride the folks can join in an old fashioned marshmallow roast on The Square and imbibe in hot chocolate.

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